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It's not easy being in your shoes these days. The three-martini lunch went decades ago. Marketing departments have been chopped in half or worse. Budgets have been cut with a meat cleaver. A short time ago, Wharton School of Business released a new report showing that the corner office is starting to worry about marketing metrics.

And whatever we do, we do it with you and your bottom line in mind. We are the Westport, CT advertising agency that makes things happen for our customers -- by creating advertising that works! After all, results are what count. We produce everything from newspaper and magazine print advertising, sales brochures, direct mail and radio-TV broadcast commercials to complete advertising marketing campaigns.

About JFC John Fatteross Communications specializes in helping businesses and their marketing partners to plan, evolve and implement superior branding, positioning and marketing communications strategies and creative and copy solutions. JFC supplies a rare combination in the marketing communications realm: branding and marketplace positioning strategy, supported by senior-level freelance creative concepting

Since 1995, Newday Communications has been assisting Brand Marketers achieve their aims by consistently providing effective consumer and trade marketing solutions. Staffed by seasoned marketing specialists, Newday has gained a reputation for getting the job done on-strategy, on-time and on-budget.

For nearly two decades, the Motor Vehicle Network MVN has offered unique entertainment and communication services through a digitally advanced visual messaging format. MVN has consistently proven that when it comes to effective marketing communication in a Department of Motor Vehicles DMV office, experience really does make a difference.

Silver's branding for 455W37 was inspired by the edgy, urban vibe of the neighborhood and the Baryshnikov Dance Theater across the street. Using bold, bright colors against a rich blue background, the project exudes excitement and still feels premium. We created a vibrant theme to reflect the bold flavors of chef Marcus Samuelsson's Afrikya spice line and received an ACC gold pencil award for packaging

For over twenty five years, MCG has been a leader in Brand Development, Strategic Initiatives, Mergers and Acquisitions, Marketing and Advertising, Technology Integration and Creative Implementation. We assist our customers in developing and achieving strategic goals, supply representation where customers require confidentiality in evaluating an opportunity or seeking a change in business direction,

Dashboards for Key Performance A graphical presentation of Key Performance Indicators to give you a jump start on turning of the volume. Web-based Sales Communications Replace CD-ROMs, binders and other hard copy materials with a web portal for all current sales, marketing and promotion information and materials.