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DT Media Group is a complete service marketing and advertising agency. We supply tactical planning and implementation of all media and publicity requirements, not limited to press, collateral and web exposure. Our expertise serves all industries, and we're particularly qualified in the Hospitality arena. We are known as restaurant website specialists!

My name is Eric McGrath, and I am a freelance commercial writer and designer located in Connecticut. Eric designed and wrote my site from scratch. Now I have customers from all across the U.S. Connecticut copywriting and design can assist you research, create, and edit your ideas in order to present your uniqueness to the world.

At Signature Advertising, we know that building your brand is what it's all about. You need an advertising agency or marketing communication's firm that has the skills and know-how to successfully turn your brand into an industry huge or household name. That is why at Signature, we do not settle for just a snappy line or a cool design and think our job is done.

Solutions to assist your business SUCCEED! In today's changing economy, it is vital for business owners to gain their target client TODAY! When money is tight, it's easy to just cut back on your marketing efforts in order to save money.but in doing so, you'll LOSE money by not being available for your potential client when they need you.

Delivering promotional advertising and corporate gift programs to the business community for more than 16 years, our straight-forward approach to doing business and our prompt, reliable and courteous service to our customers, makes us one of the finest Connecticut firms to do business with.

It is in times like these that brands make a run. Market share can be wrestled from competitors who have hunkered down and slashed their marketing budgets. Brand awareness is your competitive edge if you seize it. Then when the economy improves, your brand will be on top. The economy is beginning to turn around but the window is still huge open.

Conversion Tracking & Web Analytics Analyzing incoming traffic, leads and sales supplies clear return rate value across campaigns. Experienced & professional - Exposure brings knowledge and skills to aid achieve solid online campaign goals. Exposure is a comprehensive-service web marketing agency, providing a comprehensive array of online marketing services.

We specialize in custom marketing projects that can assist improve your organization's bottom line results. And other information that will allow you to reply to your clients while maintaining or increasing profitability. Our business goal is to assist our customers effectively compete in today's environment by delivering the highest possible information about their markets, customers and competition.