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Canon & Shea is an award-winning, full-service agency that specializes in the marketing communications requirements of technology and tiny to medium-sized firms worldwide. How do you avoid being just another part of the everyday clutter? Which combination of media is most effective for your business and your marketplace? How do you effectively combat your competitors' marketing communications efforts?

ImageOne Communications was established in 1994 as a supplier of printing and graphic design services to local church and religious organizations. Through a series of strategic business moves, ImageOne has grown into a complete service marketing communications agency.

Zephyr Media has the experience, expertise, and high-caliber staff you need to assist you get began on a direct response television ad campaign. We think you will find our site a central resource for what you need to know to make intelligent decisions about direct response TV advertising.

Madison Advertising Management MAM is a NY-based firm with over thirty+ years of broadcast and print production expertise under one roof. Madison Advertising Management MAM, a NY-Metro area based firm, was established in 1995 by Donald O'Mara to supply production consulting services and solutions for major corporate advertisers.

M Booth & Associates specializes in building strong brands to assist our customers grow. Internships at M Booth & Associates Our internship program supplies a perfect introduction to public relations and is designed for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students interested in exploring a career in the field.

OneCoast is the biggest wholesale supplier of Home, Gift & Collegiate products to U.S. retailers & designers. OneCoast is the biggest wholesale supplier of Home, Gift & Collegiate products to U.S. retailers & designers.

AdRide Advertising is a fresh, innovative firm that specializes in high-impact, interactive, outdoor mobile marketing and advertising solutions for all businesses. Through the use of our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly Adbikes we create a powerful and cost-effective medium that ensures significant brand exposure and supplies the possibility to interact with your target audience.

Hillman and Partners is an organization of marketing and communications experts that specializes in helping firms build their businesses by creating breakthrough solutions to their most challenging marketing and marketing communications issues. At Hillman and Partners, marketing is our aim. And breakthroughs are our business.

AdCritic's Interactive Pick of the Day. Atmosphere launches global site for New Balance. Monster launches worldwide branding campaign. Atmosphere launches global site for Emirates. Atmosphere launches global site and advertising campaign for FedEx.

Barbara Dente and Donna Cristina joined forces to create DENTE & CRISTINA in 1992. DENTE & CRISTINA is an integrated marketing communications agency for American as well as international luxury brands, which works closely with a limited number of customers to create and evolve specialized brand awareness campaigns through advertising, public relations, marketing and special events.

Innovation Ads is a leading interactive marketing and media services firm headquartered in New York with offices in Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Arizona. Recognized twice by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of America's 100 fastest growing firms, Innovation Ads focuses on delivering premium marketing services to the world's leading brands.

We work with several of the biggest and most founded customers in the financial services, professional services and healthcare industries. BlissPR is a New York-based business-to-business strategic media relations and marketing communications company.

Thank you so much for your energy and passionyou have delivered great media for us again and again. Utilizing a creative and strategic combination of public relations, publicity/social media and influencer outreach approaches, our company of 60 practitioners partners with the country's most recognizable brands and firms including: Kraft Foods, Kellogg's, Diageo, Hasbro, E&J Gallo and 3M and assists

MEIER is a marketing firm set up in 1979. Our work has a huge wingspan, encompassing most kinds of marketing and every point of impact with consumers, end consumers and target markets; from research and analysis to graphics, presentation and promotion.

Mobile Ad Group offers effective and quantifiable Outdoor Advertising Vehicles that impact consumers in the main metropolitan cities of the US. Our corporate model is tailored to help anyone who is in need of inexpensive outdoor advertising, from media planners with huge advertising campaigns to local retailers and in-house agencies.

COMPANY Starlite Media SLM is a complete-service, place-based outdoor advertising firm that specializes in reaching consumers across the top 9 markets in the US at Necessity Media locations. Necessity media; consumers can turn the page of a newspaper, Tivo or change the channel on the TV or radio, or opt-out of internet ads.

Morton Advertising has been servicing industrial, trade and consumer customers since 1961. Most often firms believe that working with a bigger advertising agency will earn them more in branding, creative, public relations, media placement, market research and consulting, but that is not always the case.

Our virtual tour services are a great way to give your customers an interactive preview of any space from a studio apartment to a huge commercial showroom. Our customers complement us because of your superb photos and Virtual Tours.

Interactive marketing is no longer an option, it's a requirement. To be successful, you need to plan, execute and manage your online strategy better than your competitors. We are specialists in interactive marketing and we apply our industry experience to assist our customers succeed.

THE BUILDING OF MODERN BRANDS REQUIRES A UNIQUE COMBINATION OF AESTHETICS, SKILLS, INSIGHT AND EXPERIENCE: From naming and conceptualization to the establishment of all packaging and advertising, Bergman Associates created the Textureline brand and built it into one of the world's iconic professional beauty brands.

Billijam creates digital art experiences that enhance the aesthetic and emotional value of your environment. We are a digital art studio evolving new avenues for distributing and displaying art in public places, outside of the gallery arena. We work with forward-thinking businesses in hotels, restaurants and bars, museums, architectural and interior design, retail, event planning, entertainment and

Diversified Agency Services DAS, a division of Omnicom Group., manages Omnicom's holdings in a range of marketing disciplines, including client relationship management, public relations and specialty communications. DAS includes more than 190 firms, which operate through a mixture of networks and regional organizations, serving international and local customers through more than 700 offices in 71 countries.

We are a complete-service agency with one major goal: to build your business. We believe every customer has different requirements, and a great agency offers different answers. We communicate that message to the correct audience. We inspire the audience to act. Sounds simple, but we all know how difficult it can be. Thanks for taking a look at us. Let's see what we can do for you.

We work with organizations to define objectives and evolve websites and interactive tools to achieve them. Our customers vary from advertising agencies to financial services firms; from manufacturing firms to educational institutions. Since each customer is unique in character and purpose, we create distinctive websites and strategies that can: - Build credibility in a crowded marketplace - Reduce

KEITH SHERMAN & ASSOCIATES supplies diversified public relations and marketing communications services to entertainment, lifestyles, special events, corporate and not-for-profit customers. From our roots on Broadway, KSA has developed a distinguished reputation for over twenty years among Fortune 500 firms, studio executives, high profile individuals, entrepreneurial enterprises and independent creative

Clash-Media has announced the start of a new Online Marketing guide: Proactive Online Lead Generation The next important development in Internet Marketing. This new guide will aid marketeers to navigate through the huge and diversifying online advertising marketplace, where 1.3 billion was spent in the 1st half of 2008.

MDC Advertising is comprised of a lean team of well dedicated and experienced health care industry specialists who pay close attention to all of our customers, each and every day. Off-site, we currently have an founded circle of outstanding writers, designers and other team who are an important part of our infrastructure. This readily allows us to expand to suit increased customer demand.

When it comes to marketing a product or service, everybody is searching for the Rosetta Stone. Every day, we toil over what might differentiate us from the pack. And then it hit us.tell the truth. If we tell the truth to your clients, to your employees, to your investors, and most importantly, to you, everybody wins. Nothing could be more simple, or more powerful.

Cohn & Wolfe is a global public relations agency that moves speedily, making it singularly-fitted to the new era in communications. Across 50 offices in major markets worldwide, we provide a powerful combination of breakthrough, brand-building creativity and pioneering digital and social media strategies. Although our craft is public relations, our work is brand marketing.

For an award-winning example of cause marketing, visit Colgate's Bright Smiles, Bright Futures, created by JMH. JMH Education specializes in creating customized education programs on behalf of corporations, government agencies, and not-for-profits. Our reach and teach approach brings out the finest in brands by aligning them with positive messages, and then providing these messages to kids in schools,

MEMO FROM THOM GRUHLER, PRESIDENT OF THE AD CLUB As I look ahead to my forthcoming two- year term as President of The AD Club, i am reminded of the origins of our Club and the many great names in our industry who came together to form this organization at the turn of the century.

N eed an advertising copywriter? Creative advice or Internet marketing consultant? Reliable freelance aid, available as you need it. Concepts, headlines, information architecture, campaign charters, intriguing body copy, TV to mail, I can take your project from big idea right through the detail stages. Including coordinated spec sheets and package copy.

Online Promotions Group is an interactive agency for marketing entertainment brands in music, tv, film, sports, games, theatre, books, magazines, comedy, performance art, and models. June 2009 Online Promotions Group OPG is glad to say that we now providing Video Voting Contests on HollywoodPrize.

Z-CARD is an international marketing communications firm. On a worldwide basis there have been over 1 billion Z-CARD s produced. We are experts in providing custom folded PocketMedia. Impact: Retention: Information: People open up and read. People keep the Z-CARD for future reference. Z-CARD s carry a huge amount of information in a compact space.

The Bankcab Loyalty can't be bought, especially in New York. Like local knowledge, nice relationships are something you have to gain. But give New Yorkers a free ride in the Bankcab, a classic checker, driven by a guy who actually knows his way around town and you've got a client for life Oxymites How did Panasonic generate electricity for a new battery among jaded generation y'ers?

NEW PARTNERSHIP H&M Magazine Huson USA now represents H&M Magazine, the publication of one of the biggest fashion firms in the world 1,700 stores in 33 countries. This fashion and lifestyle focused magazine has a 2.4 million global circulation, 450,000 of which is within the US.

Since 1968, McFrank & Williams has been a developer of recruitment advertising and retention solutions for Fortune 1000 firms, the healthcare industry, educational institutions, government and non-profit agencies. Our approach looks below the surface to identify not only your employer brand, but the tone, circumstances, and work style of specific job families.

Since 1985 when we founded our agency as pioneers within the Asian American communications industry, we currently have remained dedicated to educating our customers, and the U.S. business community at-huge, about the lucrative, yet largely under-recognized and under-served, Asian American consumer markets. It is precisely this commitment that we hope will be conveyed to you in this, our new website.

For three decades E+M has concentrated on the effective and aggressive use of media to drive our customers' marketing objectives. Whether it's to support retail sales, enhance brand awareness, drive web traffic, generate qualified leads, direct to consumer marketing or any other goal... we deliver results!

Whether it's targeted street teams in Chicago or a headline-grabbing publicity stunt in Times Square, we pride ourselves on finding new and exciting ways to connect brands with consumers. From buzz-worthy promotions to interactive national tours, we create programs that inspire action - and we do it all right here.

We aid customers to speedily build loyal relationships with their target audiences by seamlessly and effectively integrating e-marketing into the overall brand marketing effort. Our mission is to deliver the healthcare marketer and client closer together. We employ finest of class technical development expertise and project management skills.

Brand New School's CLEAR spots are so cool, we like to show you another in the series. BNS manager Jonathan Notaro and his students collaborated with Secret Weapon Marketing to playfully illustrate how this product is destined to change the way we use mobile internet.

TOTALVIEW Marketing TVM is a complete branding, advertising, and marketing solution that merges multiple strategies and services within one holistic entity. Your firm benefits from this unified approach. Rather than dealing with a fragmented, over-sized bureaucracy, or the burden of having to chase down multiple vendors inevitably at odds with one another, TOTALVIEW supplies a unified, streamlined

Who We Are AdAsia is a complete service Asian American advertising agency that assists brands and firms reach the country's almost 12 million Asian Americans. We do this with a mixture of spirit and insight - an unwavering passion for the work balanced by a lot of knowledge and understanding of the market.

At Development Counsellors International, our passion is places. And if you've landed here - in search of the road to innovation, growth and becoming a hot spot - chances are, you're passionate about your part of the world, too. Whatever your community's challenge, DCI's expertise in economic development marketing, travel public relations and investment attraction will aid put you on the map.

Custom eCommerce Software Our eCommerce solutions offer powerful product display, inventory management and marketing tools. The system is customized to work within a sales process defined by the customer. Web Content Management Software Saves time for customers searching for an easy way to update web content without requiring programming knowledge.

The Perfection of Marketing Watch the podcast series here. The James Group is a branding and full-service advertising agency situated in New York City. We have one purpose: we assist our customers make more money. On this website, you will find examples and case studies of breakthrough work. You'll see the marketing finest practices we've used to aid transform nice businesses into great businesses.

To survive in the corporate ecosystem, YOU MUST pay careful attention to your environment. Your environment changes, so you need to adapt. You can rely on Chameleon usa's vision to assist you redirect your firm's focus onto new and innovative marketing concepts that HAVE compelling strategies for targeted results.

Cinemax asked EarthQuake to accomplish two goals: 1 Grab the attention of men 18-34 and drive them to the full listing of 300 features available on Cinemax. 2 Generate online sweepstakes entries for a chance to win a Chrysler 300C. EarthQuake Media is a next generation marketing services firm.

We have been in business since 1986 and have grown through the years because we provide our customers superior creativity at a competitive cost. In a way, our advertising can be considered hand-crafted because we take a individual interest in each and every project and avoid easy, cookie-cutter solutions. At Retele, no ad is produced unless it is properly targeted and creatively memorable.

In a new world of media opportunities, Ambient Planet has earned recognition as the biggest source for ambient and/or alternative out-of-home advertising. While providing a new approach to media that surrounds us every day, Ambient Planet supplies solutions to target specific and sizeable audiences.

December, 2005 Blue Dingo Expands Online Media Department Michael Wynne to head up media department. Blue Dingo's focus is on meeting your clients' requirements. Everything we do starts with this idea. From user-centric design to database marketing to building social networks, the client is always at the center of our work.

Cunning means thinking smart, on your feet, open eyed. It means inventing possibilities, spotting opportunities and seizing the moment. It means being topical, getting noticed, in the game. Cunning creates solution-neutral, brand experiences through our offices in London and New York. Cunning ideas get brands talked about.

MMG Mardiks is a New York based travel public relations agency delivering expert strategic counsel in traditional and digital media relations, branding, event marketing and crisis communications. We're backed by the full-service marketing and advertising resources of MMG Worldwide, an industry leader in travel and tourism partnership marketing, creative services and interactive marketing for more than

Established over twenty five years ago TVi Media is an founded and recognized media sales firm headquartered in mid-town Manhattan. TVi Media was originally created by well known sports figures in the television, advertising, and sports industries to capitalize on the need for specialized television representation in the world of Network and Syndication Television.

The Steven Style Group is a complete-service, marketing communications agency specializing in publishing, high technology, and family entertainment products, productions and personalities. The firm is widely-known for its visionary, creative and always-memorable public relations campaigns and brand-building work.

From websites to marketing and everything in between, Enzyme Digital is the one partner that'll do it all for you. Enzyme Digital is a complete service web agency and we provide a array of solutions from the simple, professional website to more advanced e-commerce and marketing sites.

Arcos Communications, your gateway to emerging markets, is full-service marketing agency that creates and executes integrated marketing strategies that enhance brand value, generate brand preference and motivate people. Based in New York City, the agency specializes in Latino marketing but offers multicultural expertise in advertising, public relations, promotions, grass roots marketing and other

Content here enables you to leave out tags. Zephyr Communications is a complete-service advertising and marketing company situated in New York City with a proven track record of providing exceptional, effective work. Through a complete approach to understanding your business and your market, and we provide perspectives to help and enlarge your vision: this is the important difference between mere ideas

Since publication of the 1st edition of Nancy Salz's classic guide, 1000's of marketers have earned the insights and skills to work most productively with their agencies to get the right advertising, direct response, promotion and other marketing communications. Now the invaluable book has been extensively revised to expand on Web sites, Web advertising and other interactive communications.

Planned Television Arts PTA is a book publicity firm and a leader in the media placement field since 1962. We work in all media including print, television, radio and the Internet. A PTA publicity program has helped countless authors put their work in front of millions of Americans and become bestsellers. Hundreds of customers use PTA's publicity services every day.

The James G. Elliott Co., . supplies national advertising sales services for customers in the print and electronic media industries. We provide a powerful alternative to a publisher's own in-house team or network of regional publisher's representatives.

We're a complete service Internet marketing firm and award winning online advertising agency. We supply comprehensive strategy and interactive advertising campaigns to assist your firm increase traffic, as well as attract and retain new clients. We evolve proven Internet marketing solutions in retail, finance, travel & hospitality, technology, banking, telecom, health and wellness, and publishing.

Aerial Advertising using custom made aerial billboards are the best way to capture the attention of your target audience. No other form of advertising comes close to capturing the attention of your audience than a low flying airplane towing a huge aerial banner with your custom artwork on it. Airplane letter banners are the best way to get your message across.

Green Team is a complete-service, integrated communications and advertising agency situated in New York City. Since 1993, Green Team has worked in three core competencies: social and environmental causes, travel and progressive brands. The agency specializes in reaching the Awakening Consumer, an educated, ethical, environmentally aware and economically powerful audience that uses its purchasing power

On average 7 of 10 callers are placed on-hold for approximately 45 seconds. Are you using your on-hold time wisely? Cutting edge audio and advertising expertise come together in every Impressions On Hold campaign. Experience how on-hold messaging can result in fewer lost calls, increased sales, an enhanced firm image, and much more.

Robb Hecht has spent the last 15 years focused on incorporating new media and social technologies to advance customer marketing and business objectives - delivering interactive marketing services that drive measurable business results. He has worked with a huge array of organizations to assist them more effectively communicate through interactive channels, including web page development, social influence

Germany's largest newspaper publishing house and third largest magazine publisher. With over 170 newspapers and magazines in 33 countries, nearly 10,000 employees, Axel Springer is Germany's most creative and profitable publishing house. Axel Springer is an international firm that is expanding into a leading european print, online and TV firm.

When we worked at huge advertising agencies, serving customers like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Quaker Oats and M&M/Mars, we learned the importance of strategic thinking and the value of compelling communications. We've always felt that smaller businesses like yours have the same requirements as huge public firms -- senior level strategic thinking, insightful marketing, outstanding advertising,