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In 2005, become one of the 1st few official Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassadors and have had my accreditation further validated in 2007. Twice featured speaker on the subject of Internet Advertising provided the case study of how eBay and Dell handle their Internet Advertising campaigns. In addition, was the host and featured speaker of the SES Site Clinic in 06.

That is why Pitzer Advertising & Design works exclusively with entrepreneurs and business owners to evolve the most creative visual communications and marketing strategies. Our work assists our customers build strong brand identities that connect at an emotional level with their customers.

Quick, Effective & Affordable Solutions to your race marketing & promotional requirements from Marketing & Sales Consultation to comprehensive Sponsorship Packages to Public Relations and On-Site Promotions. We know how to calculate the value of your package for sponsors and their agencies, including IFET actuals and projections.

Not only is direct mail a proven and cost effective way to make your business grow, but we currently have. Other coupons are not as effective as The Grapevine. I can say that some have been disasters. If other coupon firms had come to me 1st, I possibly would have been turned off to coupon advertising in general and not used The Grapevine.

A huge idea i s one that works harder and smarter. It is targeted and motivates the responses that make tiny budgets seem big. And big budgets that go further. Making your advertising dollars work smarter is a guiding principle of Lee Advertising. In today's uncertain markets you need to dig deeper than ever to find your effective sales motivators.

It is not often, when a name says it all. If you are searching for the highest standards of credibility and results in your marketing representation, you have found the correct firm. This site is intended to provide a general overview of the agency's work and capabilities. It is tailored to serve as a platform of insight into the organization and the people who make it successful.

MIGHT BE THE MOST IMPORTANT MARKETING DECISION YOU MAKE THIS YEAR When it comes to attracting new clients, is your firm active or passive? What is your firms visiblity in the marketplace? Is your firm uniquely positioned to earn competitive advantage? These are just a several of the questions you should be asking about the effectiveness of your firms marketing and advertising efforts.

Spin is established on the basic principle of delivering impeccable service and value. For you, that translates into innovative, cost-effective solutions customized to suit your specific goals. Whatever the size of your firm or budget, or however complex or simple your recruitment and retention requirements, you will receive unparalleled service.