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Working with our customers, we evolve integrated campaigns that employ a range of synergistic tactics which, over time, supply measurable results. Essay and photo contest to support the start of the Cindy Crawford Style line at JCPenney. From the earliest scratch-off game card to user generated contests on YouTube, our solution driven, innovative philosophy is part of our corporate DNA!

BOLI 36 is history, and all the winners are presented here on this Website. The event itself was outstanding, with 100's of LIAC members and their guests feted and treated regally by the management and team of the Hamlet Golf and Country Club in Commack, LI. As witnessed by the quality of the work displayed, the competition was fierce, and there were no real losers.

Create strategy to promote sales for existing and new titles. Identify business and consumer niche markets. Create fresh direct mail campaign to enhance response. Focus on offer and list range. Integrate brand design in all marketing efforts. Comprehensive printing resources, competitive quotes on print runs from 1000 to 1,000,000 - with care to detail at every step.

Multicultural Outdoor Advertising is our specialty. Targeting Hispanic Americans, Asian, Caribbean, Indo-Asian & African Americans is what we do. We utilize innovative & highly effective formats and applications of traditional, non-traditional and alternative Outdoor Advertising products. Whether you're conducting a general, time specific and/or targeted campaign. Our Outdoor Advertising formats are

  • I used their airport shuttles & Taxi's to target business travelers in addition to targeting

The difference is that we do not break your piggy bank. You see at Fine Line Design, we understand that sometimes the only difference between a really expensive project and an affordable one is the price. Though we all have 'big agency' experience, and could justifiably charge for it, we understand the budget limitations of tiny to medium size businesses and have created a work model that keeps our

Paul Jann Advertising., PJA, is a complete service Marketing, Communications, and Technologies company. For more than twenty years, PJA has been delivering in depth and targeted marketing and highly creative, effective, and results oriented communications vehicles - designed to get the maximum return on opportunity. And it all begins with us LISTENING to you.

Watchdog Advertising will stand guard over your marketing efforts to insure that your sales message has power and impact to maximize your return on investment. At Watchdog Advertsing, we understand the hard work that goes into building a business, appreciate your trust, and vow to watch over and nurture the growth of your business with a kind of care as if it were our own.

I've worked with the Main Strike staff for approximately four years and their professionalism, quick turnaround and client service aid me produce better -- and faster -- fax campaigns. They are truly a vital component of our marketing efforts. When time is of the essence, Main Strike has proven time and again to be accessible, responsive and reliable. And the individual service can't be beat!