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Marketing On Demand celebrates its fifteenth year in business! Thanks to you and your tremendous support, we currently have exceeded our business aims continue to help our customers in reaching their sales and marketing goals. The business philosophy of Marketing On Demand starts with the word relationship.

We deliver great results with enthusiasm, honesty, and integrity because if we are not 100% certain our cost-saving and growth strategies will more than pay for our services, we won't accept a dime of your money. Effective Marketing Strategies Put Your Small Business on Track for Success Stop wasting your advertising and marketing dollars on opportunities and tactics that don't provide you the return

But is that what you really need? But most businesses want the end result more sales, more customers, cash flow, etc. And that is what we want for you. You might contact us and ask how much a web page costs. We have to know what you're your end aims is and work backwards from there. Or it may mean creating a video or developing an effective email marketing program.

We customize marketing programs, advise on media range and placement, and specialize in event production and public relations. Our specialty is producing distinctive, affordable, marketing and promotional materials speedily and concisely. We are part of the new trend in virtual marketing, printing and promotional advertising agencies. We provide great flexibility for our customers at less cost.

O'Connell Consulting Group assists firms grow by designing and providing marketing and communication programs that drive results. We aid customers achieve critical advantage by profiling the requirements and purchasing behavior of their finest customers. Using this information we design marketing programs to find new customers for our customers and to motivate their existing customers to buy more and

What is Branding, and Why is it So Important? Traditional media is struggling as Web 2.0 continues its rise, markets are becoming hopelessly fragmented and the balance of power has shifted squarely to the user. Companies that embrace this new reality have opportunities like never before, while those that stick to traditional marketing plans are losing ground or disappearing with frightening speed.