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We work hard for each of our customers to supply today's best message on hold systems and messages to differentiate you from your competitors. Just as you aim to supply the finest products and services to your clients, so too do we aim to supply you the right of the finest.

College recruitment is about making human connections. Our admissions marketing solutions let you speak directly to students - calling them by name, bringing your campus to life and helping students decide if your college or university is a nice fit. Many colleges and universities will slide directly into full-time recruiting mode in the next few weeks. As a result, so will their Web sites.

Success in advertising rests on the crossroads of creativity, technical competency and nice business sense. Lime Valley Advertising has traveled these roads and can guide your business through them. Lime Valley Advertising is a complete service agency. The comprehensive talent of the agency's team is the result of diverse industry experience.

Midwest Marketing group has been delivering service to the manufactures, public safety entities, utilities firms, and two way radio dealers since 1990. With over fifty years of combined marketing knowledge in the electronics and communication industry, we feel we can solve most of your communication requirements.

Corey Goodnature Memorial Scholarship Mediar is honored to be capable to help the CGMS with their website development and maintenance donated. Be where your prospects are looking. Create and coordinate marketing communications and advertising as directed by the marketing plan, and maintain brand consistency throughout. Some marketing managers use whole departments to do this stuff.

1st Marketing Group is a marketing firm whose mission is to assist your business to manage, grow and succeed. Staying ahead of the competition can be challenging because of the amount of time and energy that it takes to produce truly creative and effective marketing solutions. We can create the majority of your work day and lower your stress level by reducing your workload.

Consumers are consulting the Web more than ever during these challenging economic times. Mind Expressions was approached by Monte's to build a website solution that would give them a viable online presence to drive clients. After branding the newest restaurant in Faribault, they asked Mind Expressions to build a poster to be used as a weekly marketing piece.

BrandSavvy is a strategic branding and design company that assists organizations increase demand by building brand equity. Brands become a shortcut for making buying decisions. They embody the perceptions that buyers have about a product or service. This is especially true for business-to-business and service marketers - healthcare, legal, membership organizations and higher education.