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Edmon Design has been in business for 19 years. Most of our work is through referral, which says a lot about a firm. Our customers have founded long-term relationships and rely upon our understanding of their businesses, aims the markets they serve. From logos and branding to brochures, catalogs and reports, we create complete marketing campaigns.

After spending over 24 years on both sides of the negotiation table, I know how to create the best media plan for your business. Working closely with you and your staff, i will maximize your budget - huge or tiny - to gain your target audience in the most efficient manner possible.

Inter Mountain Cable. a division of Gearheart Communications is your source for advertising. We have embraced the digital era with Digital equipment. This is a dramatic transformation in the way advertising is delivered. The new equipment supplies broadcast-quality video using digital compression technology.

Exposure is an essential element of a successful business. Customers need to know who you are, what you offer, and how to contact you. What better opportunity is there for exposure or promotion than the Internet? The Internet provides full color, 24/7 availability, low costs, and millions of users! Should the Internet be your only source of advertising?

Focused marketing empowering your cause. Built on a fourteen-year proven track record, Cre8tive Group is intentionally structured to assist you increase awareness, control costs and drive business results. All of our work has one purpose, to inspire action. There are 1000's of marketing agencies, so what makes Cre8tive Group stand out in the crowd?

The Idea Farm. is an international marketing, advertising and public relations organization headquartered in Danville, Kentucky with corresponding offices in Den Haag, The Netherlands, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Santiago, Chile. Our work on behalf of several of the nation's most revered corporations and organizations springs from three decades of knowledge in developing award-winning marketing communications

We live in a world of potential. Everything you can see, hear, touch, taste, smell or imagine has within it the capability to become something new, something better, something fully realized. No matter where your brand currently lives on that curve, there is always the opportunity for growth. At Seed Strategy, we specialize in tapping into that potential and helping brands, firms, you.

Startup Production supplies its clients with a lot of skills, experience, and qualifications for their customer's web and graphic design requirements. We create professional and eye-catching websites and advertising materials with an organized mix of artistic and technical talents.

MBM believes that before it can vie for the business of a customer as a consultant, it must 1st get a fresh appreciation of the customer's industry and the customer's requirements. We understand how society, business and the mass media influence each other. It is through our marketing and public relations expertise, along with the incorporation of new and emerging communication technologies that we

Bluegrass Advertising is a local Bowling Green firm set up in 2002. The firm's aim was to provide the consumers the phone book they were asking for, while giving businesses an affordable way to target the customers/customers they were seeking. We could be one of our clients. We live here, work here and shop here year round. Our client service and availability are unmatched.

We've taken transit advertising to new heights. Our expert team of graphic designers and installers create powerful advertising messages scaled to fit traditional bus sides - or to fully envelope buses in a powerful advertising message. Advertising Vehicles exists to assist you receive the most out of your outdoor advertising.

The finest interactive advertising agencies achieve demonstrable results by fusing the visually engaging with the marketing savvy. At LeapFrog Interactive, we exist to make you successful on the web and we currently have a wealth of fun doing it! We love our customers and are thrilled to work with several of the most admired brands in the world. We're excited to be considered as you review your interactive

One Alliance Communications is a Lexington, Kentucky based group of marketing and design specialists whose beliefs are located on simple principles that are used in all of the communication disciplines it serves and supplies to customers. We believe strongly in accountability and that marketing and advertising are investments of limited resources designed to make a profit.

Custom imprinted promotional products for advertising, marketing and other give-away programs.

If you are a business owner, chances are you know you need to advertise. YOU know who your potential client is, but you lack the time personally to manage your clients, employees, day to day business AND an advertising campaign. By outsourcing your advertising to Opaque Media, it enables you to devote your time to what is most important, YOUR clients&YOUR employees&YOUR business!

The strength of cable is the capability to target your finest clients, geographically and demographically. The power of cable makes your media budget work harder. Insight Media supplies local advertising opportunities on over 40 cable networks throughout the Midwest.

The work that J&L Marketing has done for University of Louisville Athletics over the past two years has been phenomenal. J&L Marketing. is a progressive and innovative direct marketing agency that supplies exceptional ROI to its clients by combining the most powerful kinds of research, design, and technology.

How can we aid GROW your business? Each day brings fresh opportunity to increase business in current as well as new markets. To capture that market share you have to get the best type of attention. You must provide a relevant sales experience to your potential client. We listen and effectively reply to your requirements and those of your customers.

Go Fetch Marketing is a complete-service advertising agency situated in Louisville, Kentucky.We specialize in tiny business advertising and marketing. It is essential for businesses to implement cost effective marketing campaigns that increase sales. So whether you need general marketing guidance, a marketing plan, or a comprehensive advertising campaign, we can assist.

In our 4th decade of trend-setting marketing in the centre of the Bluegrass, Saybrook Advertising is a complete service agency renowned for its ground-breaking work within the Thoroughbred industry. This is an perfect environment to foster creativity, and the Agency's full-time team of marketing specialists make full use of it.