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Network Marketing is an innovative, solutions-based marketing and communications company with a strong focus on leveraging existing client relations and enhancing business to business networking. We supply graphic design, consulting and promotional printing services.

Achieve Your Goals -- Our mission is to assist you, as a customer, achieve your aims. Grow your business, build your brands, communicate with your target audiences, support your sales efforts. We are here to aid, through an integrated approach to marketing that includes strategic planning, market research, creative design, proactive public relations and targeted media planning, all uniquely suited

If your firm is breaking new ground, adding new services or products or simply reinforcing a preexisting message, our mission is to strengthen your business and increase your bottom line. We achieve this by making the most complicated subject matter clear, concise and memorable. We talk about the aims for your firm. We determine your most profitable customer base.

@ BrightMeadow You must be from across the pond. @ LaurieMacomber Yes, but Bill is her right-hand man! A copywriter is like a roleplayer, taking on the personae of not just the customer, but their clients as well. @ LaurieMacomber And besides, Hilary and Kim Jong Il have already traded schoolchildren barbs. Sometimes your marketing message just requirements to be reorganized.

What makes JMC different from all the other marketing communications and PR companies out there? Is it our passion for communications? Our devotion to strategic planning? It's all of the above, and more. It's our capability to work in the real world, where too few resources have to be allocated judiciously among too many tasks.

Award-winning, results driven communication tools based on your business requirements & objectives. From marketing strategy through delivery, you can rely on our focus and dedication. With over twenty years of marketing knowledge and design innovation, we will uncover the essence of your business to create visual materials that move consumers.

Graphic Design: Custom site designs. Optimal usability and clear navigation. The cost-saving leverage of Tech Scouts: Local, Helpful, Intelligent high school interns to assist you maintain your site. SOW - Unique Proposal and Workplan - Workplan and Budget are created to fit YOUR budget and requirements. Detailed goals, strategies, and technologies.

Team Marketing USA, Corp. is the answer for all of your nationwide promotional event management and staffing requirements. Event management and staffing are what we do! And we do it for the top Advertising, Marketing, PR, Promotions, Communications and Entertainment firms throughout the country. We may be working for you already and you do not even know it.