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If your firm is breaking new ground, adding new services or products or simply reinforcing a preexisting message, our mission is to strengthen your business and increase your bottom line. We achieve this by making the most complicated subject matter clear, concise and memorable. We talk about the aims for your firm. We determine your most profitable customer base.

Network Marketing is an innovative, solutions-based marketing and communications company with a strong focus on leveraging existing client relations and enhancing business to business networking. We supply graphic design, consulting and promotional printing services.

Masto Public Relations. MPR, established in 1986, is an independent press and public relations company that uses a broad array of strategic, creative and well-proven public relations techniques to aid customers gain their marketing objectives. MPR's approach to media relations is based on a foundation of accurate, concise communications designed to achieve visibility and credibility for a business

Custom marketing and sales solutions require creativity, knowledge and care to detail. By taking the time to evolve vivid eye-catching designs that will attract attention, your marketing and sales goals will achieve new levels. We are here as a resource to Marketing, Design and Business Professionals.

A balance of attentive service and high-impact deliverables propel Overit Media's customers into the limelight, no matter what the medium. Overit remains true to that original philosophy: transform imagination and concepts into tangible, branded solutions that exceed expectations and move beyond potential.

We believe marketing is all about strategy. Because you can have the most compelling message in the world and it won't matter if it does not get into the hands of someone who cares. In some cases because we did the unexpected. In other instances because we did a wealth of homework. In every case because we had a company grasp of the message. And understood who'd care enough to hear the message and

Somewhere on Twitter there is, with little doubt, an avenue of enormous potential for promotions marketing. All ideas, concepts, processes and software code associated with Conversation-Centric Marketing Model SM and Zeitgeist & Coffee SM are property of Media Logic.

Howard Schaffer Media Marketing is a complete-service public relations company working with businesses, trade associations, and non-profits throughout the US. Plain and simple: We understand the inner workings of newsrooms for print and electronic media. We are not an advertising agency, nor do we provide graphic design services, event planning, fundraising or purchase commercial airtime.