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Branding the Vertica database: Create the brand strategy and a self-service website with colossal inbound marketing arsenal is our on-going assignment. Craft brand strategy, position and design founding a new product category in footwear, internationally. Rebranding Purple: Reposition the brand strategy, identity and relaunch as a new product category within beverage markets nationally.

Grinning Moon Creative has been in business since the year 2000 and has created graphic designs and illustrations for 100's of tiny businesses, authors and publishers. Based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Grinning Moon serves businesses across New England and authors and publishers around the world. Grinning Moon Creative is operated by James and Danielle Mojonnier who established the firm.

Yellow Steel is focused on helping firms in the building, remodeling and home goods industry increase their brand presence and drive sales successes through marketing, advertising and public relations programs built for maximum ROI.

Combined with quality, creativity and commitment, they form the basis of Kent Creative. We will assist you create the correct image, convey key information, and capture your audience with interesting, memorable materials. We believe listening is the 1st step toward nice creative. She has more than twenty years of knowledge in writing, art direction, and marketing.

Calypso Communications was established in 2000 to solve organizational growth pain. The pain of disjointed and unfocused corporate communications. Of disenfranchised members, investors, and employees. Of clients under-impressed by poor product or service brand value. And the pain from issues that, unchecked, steadily diminish reputation and dilute strategic focus.

With extensive award-winning regional, international and national traditional and web marketing, advertising, and PR experience, FILIAS can handle it. Best of all, we do it with a difference. Greg and his creative partners supply a kind of close, personalized and responsive service, you just won't find in a traditional advertising agency or marketing communications company.

And whether you know it or not, you are in the heart of an arms race. What can you do that your competitors can't? How and why does that make you a better choice for the market? And will you live up to the expectations of a new client? Answers to these questions and many more are your firepower, and with the correct trigger fingers-my fingers-you will blow up the competition.

We're an experienced, complete service agency focused on delivering creative and successful advertising, marketing, and public relations solutions for tiny businesses. Positive marketing results are the byproduct of hard work, research, steadfast commitment, and keen awareness of the continually changing media and marketplace. We succeed in our aim when our customers succeed in hitting their target.