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Congratulations! You've already taken the 1st step towards success. The next step is your decision to hire West & Zajac Advertising to handle all of your advertising requirements. Take your time to explore our website before making any final decision. Afterward, we will be glad to set up a meeting to answer questions and discuss how we can assist.

This site showcases a huge range of work we've done for schools, colleges and universities. Watch award-winning television advertising, listen to radio commercials, see print samples, read about in-depth research projects, review feedback from in-service participants, and visualize what we can do for you. Contact us to see how research and assessment drives effective strategies for our partners.

StateNets represents 30 personal state radio networks. We provide advertisers and marketers unique regional radio advertising campaigns with a turnkey solution. Advertisers can use one or any combination of states for a most effective campaign catered to their regional marketing requirements.

They all flow from that 1st impression. Tell us what's impressive about your firm. We'll make sure that is what your client sees 1st. James Street recently surveyed editors in the logistics and transportation trade press, asking how they prefer to receive news releases.

Deciding which advertising/marketing tools you need to gain your market cost-effectively is often puzzling, frequently intimidating, usually frustrating. Unless you have an on-team marketing expert, or a comprehensive advertising department, it isn't easy to choose the best pieces and assemble the big picture.

At J.V. Murphy & Associates, we care as much about your business as you do. We're a complete service advertising and public relations company with a diverse roster of customers varying from major corporations to government agencies to non-profit organizations. Whether we are creating a results-driven advertising campaign or implementing a perfectly blended public relations strategy, you'll speedily

The Erosion Control Network is more than just an informational website. It is a gathering place for industry specialists from around the world to share their experience and interact with each other. Catalogs from these quality manufacturers will be delivered right to your office. Sit back and leisurely review Erosion Control related products and or services without ever leaving your office.

The foundation of Integrated Marketing Communications is understanding that people use different media to acquire vendor and product information. Successful marketers know they need to employ a range of methods - printed literature, the Internet and trade shows - to gain their prospects.