A BRAND IS A PROMISE DELIVERED! Therefore, clarity and consistency in communicating the "customer benefits" of your promise (brand) is an absolute imperative.

CLIENTS ENGAGE WITH US IN ONE OF TWO WAYS. by the hour -or- by the project. Few projects are too small. Whether its a logo design, brochure or website design, we can affordably help! Unlike larger advertising & design agencies, we do NOT charge a retainer to work with us.

All fees are based on actual services performed - so you can get ONE thing at a time, like a logo design / corporate identity package, a simple graphic design item, a brochure or direct mail, a website design, or a whole advertising campaign.

At Catalyst, we'll help you creatively communicate (through high-caliber design and messaging) those unique, customer benefits that set your company apart in its market niche. Weve assisted over 400 companies and over 50 non-profits to communicate their brand. Wed love to hear your unique vision and goals. and discuss ideas to promote your promise.

Stephen Lee, Owner
Catalyst Marketing Communications, Inc.
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Published on

Nov 5, 2010

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