Inspired creative needs to be partnered with a practical business foundation that is budget sensitive, media savvy, negotiated aggressively, and client service strong. Without a practical business foundation, creative becomes creative for the sake of being creative... not doing more business. It may win kudos within the advertising community for an agency, but that wonít help you achieve your goals. As a full-service, multi-disciplined advertising agency, we provide creative and media services in television, radio, internet, print, outdoor, promotions, direct mail, brochures, sales materials, and corporate IDs... that also happen to win awards.

Our customers range from local, regional and national: retail, consumer, medical, professional, B to B, automotive and fashion accounts. As you can see, Rockford offers a broad range of experience. If we specialize in anything, itís in being creative and effective, period. We will also work with you to develop strategic marketing plans that establish where you are in the marketplace, achievable goals to reach for, and then develop the strategies and tools needed to attain those goals. Based on a comprehensive action plan, your marketing will be a coordinated and synergistic approach designed so that the individual elements of your campaign will support each other for greater impact and efficiency toward achieving your goal.

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