Peedabo offers indoor billboard advertising space to companies wishing to reach key demographics. Any campaign or promotion will be a great fit in this Out of home media. All ad agencies are welcomed and we can help add value to your clients. With billboards placed in the restrooms of bars and restaurants and other social facilities, where the targeted audience spends 1-2 minutes viewing our billboards. The advertisement is a welcomed, pleasant distraction. The ROI is spectacular you can expect with every dollar spent returns you eight.

Contact Details

  City Pittsburgh , PA
  Zip Code 15317
  Address P.O. 126
  Phone Number (412) 254-4237

Customer Testimonials

Your approach to advertising is totally unique. There are not many advertising mediums that can
guarantee prospect/client involvement as yours can.

A study by Rice University shows that the amount of time readers focus on the bathroom advertising
is about a minute & a half for men, and two minutes for women. You've got their undivided attention period.

If you went to the restroom three times, you'd read it again and again. Not only can indoor billboards
reach a very discerning customer, but they've got that customer's undivided attention.