Our company was founded by Pat in July of 2011. Flashy Interactive is a agency of one person. After years of successful and steady stream freelance work, Pat decided to start his own agency. He has been doing freelance work for many: website design and interactive agencys, small businesses and medium businesses throughout the United States. We may be small, but we have a lot of skill, dedication, and talent. Our one person team has years of experience of: developing and designing websites, web applications, and Flash Design.

Why Us? You should hire us, instead of hiring other agencies or companies because our work uses concepts and coding practices that agency's use when developing mutli-million dollar websites for international companies, but at an affordable rate. It is critical that your website is developed the right way because it makes your site load faster and by having a site that loads quick, will help your search engine optimization ranking.

We don't just know how to get around in Flash and other software programs, we know how to use them and to create flashy digital content, which would help make your brand stand out.

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  Person Flashy Interactive
  City Anoka , MN
  Zip Code 55433
  Address 000 Main Street NW
  Phone Number (763) 639-0220

Products & Services

Our Flash Development uses the latest Actionscript and Flash Player. We are capable of building many different things in Flash. Some of the things we can build in Flash are: kiosk applications, Flash Games, Facebook games, Android Air Applications, iOS applications, Flash websites, and Air Desktop applications. Some of the applications we have a XML backend, which will allow you to edit the content without even going into Flash! We can also provide services in making custom Flash banners and Flassh animations.

We can build apps for kiosks, mobile devices, or for the desktop. Mobile Development is becoming a popular way for businesses and people to view web content and interact. With our help, we can build you a mobile application for a variety of platforms, such as Android or iOS. Besides making cool mobile applications, we also optimize new and extising websites for mobile phones. All of our apps are built with Air, which is made with Flash.

Digital Signage
Digital signage has becoming the new way of showing news, video, and informational content in businesses, stores, theatres, and restaurants. We can integrate audio, images, video, and feeds together to create a informational digital signage to show your customers menus, events, news, or deals in your business.

Motion Graphics
Our motion graphics department uses audio and animation to create a animated piece for digital signage or for video that can be displayed on your website or another website.

Social Media
Social Media has become a new way of interacting with other people and businesses. If your business or yourself is not in the social media, your missing out on a lot of opportunities. With our help, we can get you on all the major social networks and create professional profiles for you, which will attract new opportunities (not a gaurantee) for you.

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