Our company was formed in 2009 to allow clients to benefit from internet marketing strategies developed in-house since the first incarnation of the company in 1999.

Blue Brain Media is headed up by Roger Burkhart as the chief bottle washer. Previously Roger was Operations Manager for Burnix Solutions an automotive industry CRM provider, eMedia Sales Manager at Fox 7 WTVW, and Interactive Sales Manager at Regent Communications in Evansville, IN and Owensboro, KY.

Blue Brain Media is driven by research, analysis and curiosity, and seeks out new, creative and ethical ways to get relevant sites to the tops of search engines for their relevant keywords, as well as drive conversion rates higher.

We believe that the only way to run a business is with morals and ethics intact. There are many companies that seek short term gains, and take shortcuts that can end up devastating your online presence requiring in the worst cases, completely starting over. In all aspects of our work, we adhere to the terms of services that search engines set forth. This allows us (and you) to sleep easy at night, knowing that your efforts will not disappear overnight.

Our aim is to help businesses around the world find a successful path in building their business online.

The online marketing realm can be extremely overwhelming and finding the right place to start can be difficult. Most businesses we work with have tried some forms of online advertising to varying degrees of success. We have experience with all facets of online marketing and can help you increase your bottom line as quickly as possible.

Blue Brain Media knows how to start and build an online presence. We’ve spent years learning and mastering the online marketing industry. The path to success is more an art than science in some areas. We know the formulas that work, but keep an open mind to new opportunities that arise.

We are located in Evansville, Indiana. By population our region is almost exactly average for the United States. Television market area 100 of 215 total. This averageness allows us to experiment locally with marketing campaigns before ramping them up for national or world wide exposure.

Serviced Areas

  • Evansville, Owensboro, Henderson, Jasper, Princeton, Petersburg, Vincennes, Madisonville, Mt Carmel, Carmi

Payment Options

  • PayPal, Personal Checks

Contact Details

  Person Roger Burkhart
  City Evansville , IN
  Zip Code 47711
  Address 1006 E. Diamond Ave. Ste. 7
  Phone Number (812) 618-2558

Business Representative

Roger Burkhart